How I Made $180 Online in June

June was my second month of making an attempt to bring some extra money in from online sources. I made a little of $180 online this month. While this month wasn’t as good as May, it wasn’t terrible either.  I had hoped to make quite a bit more than I did in June but I have to be honest, there were a few weeks in June that I just didn’t have any motivation.  I found myself just hanging out with my kids and enjoying summer instead of working those side hustles. I’m okay with that.  I needed some down time with my children.

June Results

Pretty much all of my June online income came from completing transcription jobs on Rev. I did receive a little bit of change from ads on this blog and affiliate links but it was really only change.  I also didn’t receive any income from Upwork like I did in May.  Again, I’m pretty sure this was due to my lack of motivation.  I only submitted a handful of proposals and was not very active on the site most of the month.

Total online income for June: $184.47

  • – $183.77
  • Ads – $0.65
  • Affiliate Links – $0.05

June Blog Stats:

July Goals:

  • I would really like to work on increasing my traffic a bit more this month.  I would love to have more readers. My goal is 1,000 page views for July!
  • More content!  I have several posts swimming around my head that I need to focus on writing this month.
  • I am hoping to double my online income this month. $370 is the goal for July.

Check back at the end of July for another monthly online income report and to see the progress I made for towards my goals!

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